Thomas Ferrer Jr.
Bass Guitar
    Thomas Ferrer Jr. was born on the West Coast, in Torrance California. He grew up in Long Beach
listening to the music of the late sixties and early seventies. His family is from Puerto Rico, so he also
grew up listening to Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, as well as his dad’s collection of Benny Goodman, Nat King
Cole, Glen Miller and a whole bunch of Gospel Music.
    From 1978 to 1981, Tom lived in Miami Florida where he discovered country music. The first song he
can remember hearing that caught his ear was Kenny Rodgers “Coward of The County”…not only did it
have his name in it, it told a heck of a story. From that day, Tom was hooked. He enjoys the lyrical
storytelling that goes on in Country music.
    Blues, Rock, Tejano, and Country are genres that Tom has played and performed for years, but he
still enjoys playing Gospel music whenever he gets a chance. At the age of 5, Tom began playing his first
guitar. Later in life, Tom took on the drums.  Being a drummer for many years, Tom switched to bass
one night when his bass player did not show up. The transition to bass was a natural for him.  Being a
drummer in the studio, a live performer, and as well as learning chord structures and scales as a
guitarist helped him develop a great sense of musicality and rhythm.
    Singing since he was a youngster, Tom was never very shy and loved the stage. Today, he still loves
to sing and play the music.  Tom has played bass for Johnny Lee, and other artists, and has worked as a
sound engineer since his teens.  He also had the privilege of working with RGV greats like Danny
McKenna, Jim Cain, Vance Greek, and many others who have touched his life.
    Musical influences include, Stanley Clark, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Willie Nelson, The Kentucky
Headhunters (one of his favorite concerts EVER circa 1992) George Strait, Hank Jr., Dwight Yoakum,
Van Halen, Rush, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Earth Wind and Fire, Boston…so
    Tom's musical journey has been a delightful experience, and he is so glad to be working together
again with Peter Shotts, one of the finest drummers around who I have worked with since 1993. Chris
Marshall and Jason Ellsworth, round out this powerful foursome of musicians. We are Marshall Law.