Lead Guitar, Vocals
Out of the southernmost end of the Lone Star State is singer/songwriter Chris Shaw Marshall.   A Mission, Texas
native, he's known in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) for playing with several local music groups and performing as a
solo artist at numerous regional venues. His family fueled his love of music with the sounds of Texas Outlaws,
Bakersfield Legends, Nashville Greats, Motown R&B and Rockers from the USA to the UK.  Playing guitar and
singing since age eleven, Chris honed his talents throughout his public educational years with family and childhood
friends.   He completed his US Army service in 1997 and attended college, only to transform his passion for music into
a career. Since 2002, Chris has lit up RGV stages and studios with signature guitar-work, lyrics and vocals.  Listen for
Chris Shaw Marshall in your area, entertaining the masses with his genuine musical taste of Texas.
Chris Marshall also provides Classic Country
entertainment for
The Payne Street Team.  The Payne
Street Team
is a high energy, promotional team that goes
around to Rio Grande Valley events and provides classic
country entertainment along with free tickets to Valley
events, promotional products, and much more.